Creating Force Copies and Previews with Digital Products

Many people ask me how do I share my google google digital products (docs, slides, sheets, etc) with people.  What if I only want to show a preview?  What if I want to force a copy? The last thing you want is to share your original editable version and thankfully this is a very simple process you can use to send a link to preview your document or to force a copy! Follow these simple steps and the video below.

  1. Enable sharing for the document
  2. Edit the URL bar and remove the word “edit” and everything afterward with “copy” or “preview”
  3. Copy and past the link and use where you need




My First Post…Finally!!

I had been buying resources on TpT for about 4 years when a colleague of mine, good friend and super successful TpT seller convinced me to start selling some of the resources she saw I had created cot my own classroom use. I thought to myself “Who would want to buy MY stuff??”. After some encouragement from my colleague (who I now consider my mentor and fairy godmother), I created a seller account and posted my first products. It took a little while before I heard the first “cha-ching” sound from my phone, and it sent sent me into an excited frenzy- “Omg, Omg, Omg I SOLD SOMETHING!!!”

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